Daily Schedule and Time Management for parents

Daily Schedule and Time Management for parents
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This course is created to help working parents, that want to spend more time with their children, but struggle to do so due to time management.

Therefore, this course is short, but has all the relevant information to turn your life for the better and use time efficiently.

My name is Amber Rozing and I am a counselor with a Master of Education degree and speciality in preschoolers.

I have experience working as a kindergarten teacher and as a school counselor.

As an experienced parents counselor, I have talked on different topics with parents, and constructing a daily schedule is definitely an important asset.

We will go over how to construct a daily schedule from scratch, and create daily routines, to help implement the schedule with the kids.

After implementing the guidelines of this course, you should have a much better organized day, and the stress levels at home should be lower.

The course is fast paced, but it will still go over the following topics:

  1. The importance of order.

  2. What is a daily schedule?

  3. Different types of a daily schedule.

  4. What should we include in a daily schedule?

  5. Who benefits from the daily schedule?

  6. An example of a good daily schedule.

  7. An example of unorganized daily schedule.

  8. Constructing a daily schedule.

  9. Creating a weekly schedule.

  10. Daily routines.

  11. Creating a better schedule.

  12. Advantages of a daily schedule

So let's get started!

For parents that want the best for their children

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