Cisco Troubleshooting For IT/Network Support Tier I/II Free Course Coupon

Cisco Troubleshooting For IT/Network Support Tier I/II  Free  Course Coupon
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Learn an essential skill required for all CCNA and network support roles.

This course is designed for students that have some networking knowledge and want to learn effective troubleshooting techniques. The purpose of the course is to teach proper troubleshooting and be effective in roles such as network support, data center operations, and helpdesk support.

Most of your time will be spent troubleshooting whether you are entry level helpdesk, network engineer, or senior technical role such as CCIE. In fact, data center and field technicians must also troubleshoot deployment problems regularly.

This course will teach proven techniques that you can utilize in your day-to-day responsibilities. They are applicable to any network topology or vendor platform. As a foundational skill you will learn how to collect data, use support tools, fault point isolation, and perform root cause analysis. There are a variety of support tools included that can be utilized at work, on project, or with CCNA certification study. You cannot advance to more senior roles until you have mastered the art of troubleshooting.

Introductory Topics:

  • Support Tier Levels Explained

  • Four Steps to Troubleshooting

  • Fault Point Isolation

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Per-Hop and Reverse Ping

  • OSI Model Layered Approach

  • Comparison Method

  • Forwarding Path Analysis

This is a practical hands-on course with troubleshooting labs for the most common network errors. You will learn easy step-by-step procedures for fault point isolation with each lab topology. Student break/fix lab exercises are included as well to practice and verify your troubleshooting skills.

Troubleshooting Examples

  • IP Default Gateway

  • Domain Name Services

  • Web Server Application

  • Traceroute Network Performance

  • Remote Data Center Access

  • ISP Internet Connection

  • Destination Unreachable Error

  • Cloud Data Center Connection

  • Wireless Internet Access

  • Switch EtherChannel

  • DHCP Addressing

  • Access Control Lists

CiscoNet Training Solutions is a certification training provider that has helped thousands of students study for Cisco certifications. Industry expert with 25+ years of IT experience, author, and recipient of Cisco spotlight awards.

Learn essential troubleshooting skills for IT/network support and data center operations

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