Business Communication Skills: EQ Intelligent Interactions

Business Communication Skills: EQ Intelligent Interactions
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This Business Communication Skills course is essential for anyone wishing to learn the innovative techniques in becoming an effective communicator.

Push your levels of communication to the highest heights utilizing the powers of Emotional Intelligence & NLP.

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - An essential tool you can learn to boost communication

  • Learn the techniques and science behind the communication process

  • Identify and rectify the noise that can disrupt communication flow

  • Build bridges to attain “Congruent Communication”

  • Learn the “Universal Truth’s” & “Behavioral Principles” that we all abide by

  • Build Emotionally Intelligent Communication into your everyday life

  • Learn about: Flight, Fight and Emotional Triggers that Influence Communication

  • Gain understanding on the limiting beliefs of F.E.A.R in conversation

  • Develop Emotional Control in Conversation Mastery

Jason is an experienced corporate communication skills trainer with over 18 years in the field of business communication, team building and leadership.

Jason is currently training staff all over the world including companies such as: Cisco, Huawei, Haier, China Eastern Airlines, Michelin, Marriott, Tencent and many more.

This seamless and structured course will guide you through the essential steps of becoming a world class communicating maestro.

Who this course is for:

ENTREPRENEURS: Looking to expand their business and increase their communication skills

CEO'S, LEADERS & MANAGERS: Looking to recruit and manage with effectiveness

CONSULTANTS: Professionals in the product sales or service industries.

SALES PEOPLE: An essential resource for anyone in Sales, or Key Account Manager Positions.

HUSBANDS & WIVES: Communication skills learning to build on relationships.

STUDENTS: Ideal for graduates and students looking to develop strong bridges.

EVERYONE: Interested in becoming a strong and efficient communicator.

Learn Business Communication Skills from Master Communicators. Learn how to utilize EQ to communicate effectively!

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